Creation of a presentation and animation for a winning awards submission

Societe Générale video presentation

Financial services video production

Creating an engaging video that communicates the benefits of a financial product, service or company can be a complex task and often particularly difficult to complete to a tight budget and timetable. We believe that the keys to this are smart storyboarding, great creative and an engaging script that takes the audience on a visual journey.

Past experience counts

We were asked by Societe Générale to produce a Prezi presentation for submission at the 2016 Risk and IFR awards, communicating their strong industry performance. We are delighted to say that our client went on to win the award.

Due to this success , we were asked to work again on their submission for the 2017 awards, this time conceiving and delivering a video animation that combined our skills in concept creation, design and video marketing.

Societe Générale presentation Societe Générale presentation
Societe Générale presentation microphones

2017 industry awards

We created a short animation that communicated Societe Generale’s excellence in equity derivatives, positioning them at the forefront of their industry.

Our aim was to simplify the complexity of their unique offering into clear key messages, developing a narrative that engaged the award’s panel. We advised Societe Generale on messaging and delivery by creating a powerful script and a visually engaging design.

Illustrating a complete storyboard, we brought the design to life through animation, accompanied by music and voiceover. Selecting the music, as well as the voiceover artist, ensured that all components complemented one another.