UBS Optimus Foundation

UBS Optimus Foundation Last Mile pitch

The brief was to produce a campaign pack encouraging high net worth individuals to donate via the UBS Optimus Foundation Last Mile: a funding mechanism which – via a combination of donation matching, tax relief and gift aid – could see any individual donation multiplied by over 700%.

We chose to highlight this throughout our designs, producing a hand graphic that served not only as a logo to visually connect all of the disparate projects together, but also as a continual reminder of the extended reach that the fund could provide to any individual’s charitable donations.

Using simple imagery to communicate a message

The pack itself consisted of an A5 folder with only the hand symbol on the front, which opened to reveal several introductory postcards explaining the benefits of donating via the fund and how the mechanism works.

Explaining the benefits of the fundDeveloping the fund literature

The rest of the folder then contained some more colourful cards which sought to paint a picture of the kind of work that the various individual projects on the ground were doing and the positive effects that they were having.

Using colourful and meaningful imagery

This involved incorporating statistics regarding the achievements of the fund in previous years, quotations from famous philanthropists and projections of the fund’s future goals and aspirations.

Communicating key messages to high net worth individuals

The packs were also tailored to feature projects in different geographical regions including UK, USA, South East Asia, Africa and India.

Tailoring the creative to different regions

The campaign continued after the distribution of the initial pack with follow up postcards either thanking people for their donations and keeping them informed with what the projects were achieving, or reminding them of the fund’s great work and that it wasn’t too late to take advantage of the initiative and help out some really worthwhile causes.

Using direct mail within the campaign